Buda Solar Window Screens installation services. Residential window shading services for the Buda Texas area.

This is a chocolate solar screen Buda TX installation that we did in June of 2018. For this buda solar window screen installation, we installed the solar window screens on the back windows. And some on the right side of this Buda Texas home.

Using 90% solar screens. The maximum solar shade density for windows.

The homeowner chose the 90% solar screen fabric for all of their windows. I offer 80% and 90% solar shade fabric. My preference is to use the 90% solar shade fabric for windows that get 4 hours or more of sunlight. I like to use the 90% solar screen fabric for the West facing windows and the 80% fabric for all others. The west facing windows get pounded during our brutal Texas summers. The hot Texas sun is relentlessly pounding on those windows from noon until 8:30 in the evening. Those West facing windows warrant all the help they can get.

As of 2021, for 15 years, I have been shading homes in the Buda TX and Austin area.

I have collected many wonderful reviews from homeowners over the years.  They are well worth sifting through to get a good feel for my solar shade services. 
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12 solar screens installed for Buda Texas home. 90% solar screens. Chocolate fabric with white frame. No solar screen for back door.
12 solar screens installed for Buda Texas home.
Buda Texas homeowner chose to use the 90% solar screens.
The homeowner also chose to use the Chocolate solar screen fabric with a white frame. He could have also used the mocha solar screen fabric, doing so would have looked nice on this home.
He did not choose a solar screen for the back door.

This is the west-facing side of the home. Being the west-facing side, the homeowner correctly chose to use our 90% solar screen fabric. The 90% fabric is what we recommend for the sides of the house that get 4 hours of Sun. We recommend the 80% fabric for all other sides.

Choosing to put a solar screen on a door, -yes or no?

As this picture shows, the homeowner did not choose to put a solar screen on the patio door. Choosing to have put a solar screen on the back patio door would have served this homeowner better in my opinion.

Putting a solar screen on all of the glass would have looked better. They chose to use the 90% fabric for all of these windows, which tells me these are West facing. Why would you not also put one on the door? It looks much better to have solar screens on all windows versus some.

In addition to shading swing doors, I can also shade sliding doors with solar screens.

Sliding doors let in a LOT of sunlight. Sliding doors represent a huge surface area of glass. Shading that huge surface area will result in a drastic energy-efficient improvement for the home.

I can shade a sliding door from the sun.
Learn more about my shading products from my Austin Texas solar screens Q&A page.

Installing the Buda solar window screens.

This Buda solar screen installation consisted of direct screwing the solar screens to the window framing. Windows of this type (champion)  were not made to hold full-size solar screens in place. {See here how I install my solar screens.} Meaning there was not a track at the top and bottom of the screen to hold a full-size screen. Because of this, we direct screwed the solar screens to the windows. The same way we do for a vast amount of our multifamily apartment solar window screen installations. And as well just like with all of our commercial solar window screen installations.

The two windows next to each other behind the tree take two solar screens.
If I have two windows next to you do you use two solar screens or one?
I properly install one solar screen per window.
See more examples of side by side windows below

The chocolate brown color ties in well with the off-white painted exterior. But also ties in with the brownish roof. But more so with the not shown brownish tinted bricks.

For the white window frames, we stuck with a white for the solar screen framing. We could have used the brown solar screen framing. And we could have used the tan solar screen framing. Sticking with the white for the solar screen framing was the best choice. The reason being, it doesn’t introduce another color. It simply matches the white window frame and doesn’t add an additional color. This makes for a cleaner transition. A cleaner look.

Example of another Buda solar window screens project using a different brown fabric color.

Here’s another Buda solar window screens installation I did just last week. For this home I used my Mocha solar fabric. That same mocha solar fabric would have looked good on the Buda home illustrated above.

To get an idea of pricing for your Buda solar screen project, I post my installed pricing.

Have a Buda solar window screens project you want to see what the cost would be?

Buda TX Mocha solar screen installation
On my Austin TX Solar Screens – Pictures page I have MANY more illustrations like this.

More Examples of Side by Side

Grouping of windows that took 3 solar screens.
This is 4 actual windows.
(2) 35x60s and (2) 35×20 arches.
This is Round Rock solar window screens project from 2011.
Took 3 solar screens to cover these windows.
I used three solar screens to shade these windows. For the 2 half arches, I covered those both with one arched solar screen.
Imagine if this homeowner wanted to use window tint instead of solar screens?

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