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We manufacture here in Austin Texas our own line of porch blinds, outdoor roller blinds, outdoor patio blinds, outdoor blinds for porch and outdoor roll up blinds. On balance, these are the names that consumers use to refer to what we in the industry call exterior patio roller shades.  Roll up patio blinds will roll up and down, for the purpose of providing temporary shade for patios.

Pricing for our exterior porch blinds is hard to beat!

Our Austin TX outdoor porch blinds are aggressively priced. Visit my outdoor roll up blinds pricing to furthermore see what your installed cost will be.

Pflugerville TX Porch Blinds for slanted roof.
We put porch blinds on every opening for this Pflugerville TX porch patio. The patio really transforms when you have all patio openings shaded with the roller blinds.

Our Austin TX porch blinds come in five different fabric colors. And one superb maximum shading density. The shade density therefore that I make my porch blinds Austin TX products out of is 97%.

Can make porch and patio blinds out 5 different 97% fabric colors.
For my patio blind shades, I can make them out of five different 97% shade fabric options. My preference is to use a darker colored fabric so that you don’t as easily see when they get dirty. Outdoor blinds will get dirty and being a darker colored fabric you won’t see that being the case as easy. See here installed examples of my roller shade fabric colors.

How do our exterior blinds fair in the Wind ?

The JoshHobbs.com Austin exterior blinds are made for temporary shade from the intense sun. Not for wind protection. And not for bug protection. They accordingly just to be used for temporary sunshade. For temporary patio shade. They cut out 97% of the sun’s rays.

Our exterior blinds are made to roll down when you need shade and then to roll back up when you do not. For our exterior blinds Austin TX products they are made so that when you roll them down you tie them down as shown in the picture below. Using this bungee cord system allows the exterior blinds to flex, to move, in the Wind. However, the exterior blinds are not meant to be put in the down position all day long. Our exterior blinds are just meant to be put in the down position when you need them. When you are outside on the porch or patio. They are NOT to give you shade for your patio’s windows.

How the exterior blinds tie down from the wind.
Here we show how we tie down our exterior blinds. All of my Austin TX exterior blinds that I make will tie down like this. So when installed you have to have something at the corner of the exterior blinds to be able to tie down to.

Outdoor roller blinds are not supposed to be left down when not being used.

The wind is very powerful and should be respected. A large area consisting of 97% dense solar shade fabric is like a big sail. It’s almost a solid fabric. When the wind blows, a lot of force is being put on the shade. Being pushed against the fabric. Thus, a lot of stress being placed on the tie downs, and the geared clutch. That clutch is geared to not let fabric down. To not unroll. Those gears CAN get stripped from getting beat up by strong wind gusts. Sure it can handle most situations, but it’s not smart to let the clutch get constantly pulled on.

More info about operating my patio roller shades is spelled out on my website.
How to operate my Outdoor Patio Solar Shades.
Metal hook for roll up patio blinds tie down.
As shown here, I anchored a metal hook in the hardie board. Using a bungee cord, I then attached that bungee cord to the roll up patio blind and looped it around the metal hook. This will hold the roll up patio blind down during light breezes. You never want to leave a roller shade down when not in use. You don’t want to risk the shade getting damaged by strong wind, 25 to 30mph forces. Roller shades are not meant to provide wind protection.
Metal hook attached to metal hand rail.
Here we have attached a metal hook to the metal handrail. Then we used a bungee to tie off from the bottom of the outdoor roll up blind to that metal hook. This roller shade tie-down system is what keeps the roll-up blind from moving around during breezes.

JoshHobbs.com, see what my installed
85″ drop outdoor solar shades cost
Our pricing is hard to beat !!!

Looking out our exterior roll up blinds.

A huge question we get asked all the time is how well can you see through our exterior roll-up blinds.

This is an Austin exterior roll-up blinds installation that we did where we used our densest 97% beige fabric. That is the densest, darkest, outdoor roll up blinds solar shade fabric that we have. Comparatively, it is quite incredible how well you can see through our outdoor roller blinds using this dense 97% solar shade fabric.

Looking through Austin Texas outdoor roller blinds.
Looking through a Cedar Park Texas sun shade installation. The shading factor for this roller blind is 97%. That means that this patio is now getting 97% sun shade. These outdoor roller blinds ARE NOT meant to be left down. They are meant to serve as a product for temporary sun shade.
Seeing out 97% porch & patio blinds.  The outward visibility is amazing.
97% Beige/White porch blinds. See how well you can see through these porch blinds? It’s quite incredible knowing the fabric is 97% dense. Your eyes work from reflected light, so it’s past and through the fabric that your eyes are catching that reflected light. If it was dark outside, and you had the interior lights turned on within the patio. Your eyes would see the reflective light from the interior light source off of the fabric. Therefore you would not be able to see through the fabric.

Looking through our 90% roll up patio blinds.

Here’s a great picture as an illustration of an Austin roll-up patio blinds installation where were used our 90% chocolate fabric. This roll-up patio blinds installation was one where we matched the fabric with what we used on the windows for solar window screens.

You can see through our roller patio blinds products exceptionally well. Using this 90% fabric, you can see through the roller patio blinds very well.  Even with the 97% fabric, you can still surprisingly see through our Leander roller patio blinds very well.

97% new brown Austin Texas outdoor patio roller blinds.
The outward visibility looking through these 97% new brown Austin Texas outdoor patio blinds is excellent. Patio blind outward visibility is excellent. Want to see what Austin Texas self-installed solar shade pricing is like?

Raising and lowering JoshHobbs.com outdoor patio blinds.

The clutch system that we use for exterior patio blinds is made by Rollease.  All of our R-Series Rollease clutches are exterior rated. Our custom handmade Austin Texas outdoor patio blinds use only exterior clutches. made for being outdoors. Meaning there are no rustable components within our drive clutch system.

In addition, you will see that an extremely heavy duty bracket is used to hold the clutch. That’s that silver component that you see there mounted above the clutch in the following picture.

We only use these extremely heavy duty mounting brackets for our outdoor patio blinds installations. It would be irresponsible to try to use anything less. Of inferior grade, for my heavy-duty outdoor patio blinds installations.

A considerable amount of force is put upon these brackets. From the wind and by hand. They need to be sturdy. Additionally, we only use stainless steel non-corrosive pull chains for our outdoor patio roller blinds.

Outdoor patio blinds Austin TX chain driven clutch.
This is how you raise and lower my manual outdoor patio blinds. With this pull chain and patio blinds clutch.

JoshHobbs.com, see what my installed
99″ drop Austin outdoor roll up patio shades cost
Our pricing is hard to beat !!!

Pull chain clutch for outdoor patio shades.
Pull chain clutch for outdoor patio shades. My roller shades raise up and down manually by the stainless steel pull chain.

Outdoor roller blinds are an ideal way to provide temporary shade for Austin area porch and patios.

This is a Georgetown TX outdoor roller blinds installation where we used our chocolate 90% outdoor solar screen fabric.

We installed four outdoor roller blinds. For this Georgetown installation we installed two on the second floor and two on the first floor.

As you can see the homeowner did not put the roller blinds on the left or right sides when looking at this picture. That is because they are not needed on those sides. The roller blinds were only needed where they are installed to provide shade for the West afternoon sun.

Outdoor roller shades made with the solar window screen fabric.
Outdoor roller shades that are made with my 90% solar window screen fabric. I made these roller shades out of the same 90% fabric I make my solar screens out of. At the time when I made these, I did not have a Brown 97% roller shade fabric as an option. So, we used this 90% chocolate solar window screen fabric. Check out 300+ Hi Res Pictures of Austin TX solar screen jobs I have done.

Have an Austin TX outdoor blinds for porch project?

If you have an Austin outdoor blinds for porch project that you’re looking to get done, contact us to see if we can help you out.

If you’re looking for a low cost simple outdoor blinds for porch solution, we have the answer for you.

Our outdoor manual blinds are on balance a budget series of shades. In conclusion, a cost-effective manual solution to shading your patio. If you are looking for motorized zipper track roller shade solutions, that is not what I install.

What telephone number can we reach you at?

JoshHobbs.com see what my installed
168″ drop Austin outdoor porch shades cost.
Our pricing is hard to beat !!!

Our Austin outdoor porch blinds are not made to be outdoor window blinds.

We commonly get asked if our Austin exterior porch blinds can be used to specifically provide shade for Windows. For the purpose of window shade, people will want to use our outdoor patio blinds.

Our screen porch blinds are conversely not meant to be used as exterior window blinds.

To shade your windows, our outdoor roller blinds in reality are NOT what you want. If you are looking for an exterior window blinds product, then our Austin solar screens are the answer for you.

What is the cost to get solar window screens installed?  

What's a quick ballpark cost for the solar screens?

Get a QUICK BallPark estimation now!  It's easy and quick.
Ballpark Cost for Austin TX residential installed solar screens
Solar shades for windows and patio.
We provided solar shade for this entire Buda TX home. We covered all the windows w/ 90% solar screens. And then shaded the back patio with 97% black retractable solar shades. You can not see them, but the back patio windows have solar screens on them. And, I also put a solar screen on the door.

Other Products and Services I offer

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Austin TX solar screens for commercial windows.
Shade the windows of your commercial building to keep the interior cooler with my commercial solar screens. How well can you see through the solar screens?
New Austin TX replacement window screens
If you are looking for an Austin TX window screens supplier, I make and install a very heavy-duty window screen. I make my window screens out of a 1″ frame. And I use a heavy-duty pool and patio fabric for strength. To get a price, I openly publish my bug window screen pricing on my website.
Solar screens for sliding doors
For your sliding door, I can provide shade from the sun with a solar sliding door system. I build and install sliding solar screen doors.
Shade the windows for your multifamily property.
I can shade your multifamily apartment property with solar screens. Solar screens will dress the property up in a grand way. This was a solar screen installation, San Antonio Texas 2018 project for all 1200+ windows.
Beige 97% interior commercial window shades.
I make my own line of Austin commercial roller shades for the inside of office windows. My interior roller shades are made for interior shade. I do not make these for residential use. Commercial roller shades are a much better solution than window film. I personally manufactured, built from scratch, over 30 of these for this job. Then, I personally installed each one of them. What makes your commercial solar shades better.