Do solar screens really save money? How effective are solar screens? Do solar screens help lower energy bills?

Do solar screens really save money?

Solar screens are all about shade. When considering how effective are solar screens, it’s all about shading a window from the rays of the sun. That’s what makes the solar screens so effective. The amount of shade you get for your windows. Your glass gets hot from the rays of the sun baking them. The heat from the hot heated up glass then radiates into the home. Solar screens will eliminate this from happening.

Here’s an outstanding video I made that explains the benefits of using solar screens to shade your home’s windows.

Solar screens simply put are external shading devices for you windows to provide shade for your windows from the ray’s of the sun. Solar screens for windows are extremely effective.

Are there other benefits to solar screens?

Will a solar screen help in the Winter?

No, solar screens are not used as insulating devices. That is not what a solar screen is for, nor will it work for. So if you read on a website that a solar screen will help to keep the warmth in your home during the winter, that is a fallacy.

Will solar screens help with noise levels?

I have had one customer tell me that he felt like the solar screens helped keep his place quieter. While he believed this, I don’t find any validity to that statement. I believe that he feels this way, but I just don’t see any way that they can help with noise levels. I don’t believe the solar screens will help reduce outdoor noise.

To learn all about how effective solar screens can be and MUCH MORE, visit my extensive Solar Window Screen Questions & Answers page.
Questions and answers for your Austin TX solar window screen project.

Will window shade screens keep the birds from flying into my windows?

They will. The solar screens will particularly eliminate the reflection the birds see from an uncovered window. It is that reflection that birds see when they are flying and think they are flying into what they see, the reflection is eliminated. Here are some other ways without using solar screens that you can for example do to help keep the birds from flying into your glass.

Can sun screens keep the golf balls from breaking my glass?

They will only if you install them a good 5+ inches off of the glass. The solar screens are strong enough to repel the golf balls. They will act like trampolines of sorts. The ball will bounce off the fabric, but not without first the fabric giving, just like a trampoline does.

If you have stone or brick around your window, you can easily enough build a wood box out of 1×6’s that frame around the window, then attach the solar screen to that wood box.

Aside from that, you would need to create spacers. As an illustration, like using a thin metal tube, with very long screws that would get you into the window frame. The tube for this reason would act as the spacer. This is not a service I offer. I suggest finding a handyman off of craigslist and then source the screens through my screen store for him to install.

Will solar protection screens keep my new artificial turf from getting burnt?

100%, absolutely. The solar screen mounts on the outside of the window, so yes it will keep the reflection from the sun off your glass from occurring.

It is the reflection of the sun from your glass that burns the artificial turf. My solar protection screens will keep the sun from bouncing off the glass singing the turf.

How well do external sun window screens work?

The external sun window screens are extremely effective. They provide exterior shade for the windows by using either an 80% fabric or a 90% fabric.

Here as an illustration are two great photos that show the 80% and 90% fabric and the shade that you get from each.

Comparing the 80% and 90% fabric solar screens.  Look at all of this shade, that show you how effective solar screens are.
Comparing the 80% and 90% fabric solar screens.
For 100’s of high-resolution images, check out my pictures page of Austin solar window screen installs I have done.
Showing the shading difference between a 80% and 90% fabric solar screens on a textured surface.  Solar screens are the #1 effective way to lower your room temperatures.
Showing the shading difference between 80% and 90% fabric solar screens on a textured surface.
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Window shade screens may work well, but how well can you see through them?

I have read misinformation on the web from window tint installers saying you can’t see through the solar screens very well. Well, that’s a BAD myth. A false selling point that window film installers propagate. Check out this page where I in-depth cover looking through the solar screens.

Do solar screens help lower energy bills?

We get asked this all the time. It is important to realize that it is impossible to give exact amounts, like percentages, as every situation is different. Every home has a different number of windows. Furthermore, a different number of windows that face West and different sizes that face West. Coupled with vastly different types of windows out there. In addition, for sure each home has a different quantity of windows. You just can not blanketly say the solar screens will reduce your utility usage by 30%, as many sites out there do. That’s just irresponsible rhetoric.

How Energy Efficient Are Solar Screens?

Here is an outstanding Email we received from a customer that we put solar screens on for a year+ back.

Hey Josh,

I’m writing to share our success story with your solar screens. We are seeing tangible electric savings in the hot summer months. Below is a screen shot from our PEC usage analyzer. You can see that we have dramatic usage drops in June, July and August of this year. This is with no other conservation methods or usage pattern changes. We can largely attribute the reduction in electricity usage to the solar screens. And this is turning into real money. We have saved between $150-200 per month in Jun-Aug. We’ve also seen smaller savings in other months as well. At this rate, the screens will pay for themselves in less time than I anticipated.

In addition, my wife and I are bird lovers. Prior to installing the screens, we would have numerous bird strikes on our windows. No more. The birds that we feed appreciate your screens as well. ☺

Thank you!

John Decker

In addition to this testimonial, we have hundreds and hundreds more on our website.

Solar Screens in fact are very much effective at reducing your energy consumption.

My solar window screens work !!!

Commercial windows can also benefit greatly from my solar screens.

Solar screens likewise are also very effective at shading commercial windows. 

You can externally shade the windows of your commercial building with solar screens.

Or you can provide interior commercial shade with commercial sun shades for windows.

My solar screens are widely used by multifamily owners to shade the windows of their apartment buildings.

Multifamily property owners love using my solar screens. Not only do my solar screens enhance the look of the property, but they make the unit's A/C systems run much more effeciently by not having to work as hard. Solar screens for apartment windows are extremely effective.
San Antonio TX apartment solar window screens project.

My custom made outdoor manual patio roller shades are effective at providing shade for the patio.

outdoor patio roller blinds
Can I get solar shade for my patio?  To help shade my patio?  Yes, you can and they are called Exterior Patio Roller Shades, and we manufacturer them right here in Austin TX.  Also be sure to take a look at my patio roller shade pictures page and patio roller shade Q&A page.

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