San Antonio TX Multifamily apartment solar screen installation, August 2018

This is an example of a recent San Antonio Texas multifamily apartment solar screens installation.

The owner of this property chose to use our 90% black sun shade fabric and silver solar screen framing.  We use a heavy duty 1″ wide solar screen framing for the installation of our apartment solar screens.  Not the small flimsy 3/4″ wide framing that’s widely used for multifamily communities.

The project date for this apartment community was August 2018.

We installed solar window screens on all of the windows for this San Antonio Texas multifamily property.   We did not, however, replace the patio sliding door screens for any of the buildings of this complex.

San Antonio TX multifamily solar screen installation completed August 2018. This property now looks considerably better and cleaner.
What cities in Central Texas do you install your solar screens for apartments?

The property owner chose to use our 90% black sun shade fabric and silver framing.  I have three different solar sun shade fabric densities for multifamily apartment installations.

I have 3 different shading levels to make the apartment solar screens out of.

Comparing 60%, 80% and 90% shade levels
The 60% fabric is on the left. See how transparent the fabric is? How well you can see through it.
The 80% fabric is in the middle. It is semi-transparent.
The 90% fabric is to the right. The 90% fabric conceals the windows the best.

Picking the fabric colors for your multi family sun screen project.

We have the following different colors of fabric and frame options for you to choose from.  I recommend using the darker colors of fabric.  The fabric will get dirty over time.  It’s best that the darker fabric gets dirty so you don’t see the dirt and grime as much.

My fabric and frame color options to make apartment solar screens out of.
Fabric and frame colors I can use to make your apartment solar screens out of.
These fabric options are not available in 60%, just 80%, and 90% shade levels.
Get a free apartment solar screen sample kit here.

After I have measured the property, I will then put up samples of full-sized solar screens on the property. I will do so in all of the color combination options I recommend for the apartment community.

Dressing the property up with grid pattern solar screens.

For about a 25 to 30% increase in price, I can build the solar screens with grid patterns like these to really enhance the look. These kinds of solar screens are stunning.

Solar screens for apartments with grid patterns
Apartment solar screens with grids will really dress up the property.

This apartment community used a 90% solar protection fabric. We will help you pick the ideal fabric density for your multifamily project.

I have a really good post that compares the 90% and 80% solar shade fabrics that I encourage you to look at.

Grid patterns for multifamily solar screens
Make the installation REALLY stand out !! Do so with grid pattern multifamily solar window screens.

Why use solar window screens for multi family San Antonio Texas apartment homes?

Solar window screens are used in residential applications (people’s homes) to provide shade for the windows. To provide sun shade.

For multi family complexes, solar window screens are also used to improve the curb appeal. Solar screens will make your apartment building look better.

When using solar window screens for curb appeal, doing so will tie together the entire property. Meaning the screens will give the property a consistent look, as all of the windows will look the same.

Covering the windows with our sun shade screens will also hide the tenant’s interior contents. By covering the windows, you can shield the inside of unsightly units from prospective tenants being able to see in.

Completed in August 2018, a beautiful San Antonio Texas multi-family solar screens installation.
Pricing for Apartment solar screen jobs is very reasonable.
Get in touch with me to get an installed cost.

Want to discuss new screens for your multi-family property.

What telephone number can we reach you at?

When showing properties it is not always the most aesthetically pleasing thing to see inside some of the tenant’s units.

Tenant’s will leave their blinds partially open or cocked (slanted) open.  Units will have damaged blinds that are in bad shape from tenants or their pets.  Some windows will have stuff like stickers on the windows. Or even political like signage.  When you walk a multi-family property you will often see on the windows unattractive stuff.  Stuff like all kinds of personal belongings that are not the best-looking.

Pricing for this apartment solar screens San Antonio TX 2018 install was very modest.
If you are looking for an Austin TX apartment solar screen project, I can look into getting you an Austin Energy Rebate. I work with the city for Austin TX multi-family solar screen rebates.

In addition to looking good, the solar screens are extremely energy efficient and will lessen the load on the air conditioning units.

Pricing for San Antonio TX Apartment projects.

Installed solar screen pricing for apartments is very much different than that of residential (home) solar window screen pricing.

The quantity discounts are much larger with multi family complexes.  Because we are putting up a large number of sunscreens on any given amount of buildings.

When manufacturing sunscreens for apartment buildings, we can replicate one size in large quantities.  Meaning, during assembly, we will be building singular sizes of sunscreens in large quantities. Doing so makes the assembly process go much faster and considerably easier.   For residential projects, you will have considerable varying sizes and shapes.  With large multi-family communities, we could build 1,000 screens but only have 4-6 different sizes.

Production for solar window screens San Antonio Texas apartments versus Residential houses.
Ideally, it looks best cover all the windows for your multifamily property versus some here and there.

if you have an apartment solar window screen project outside of my Central Texas service area, I can ship you the screens. If you have an apartment building outside of my service maria I could ship my solar screens to you.

For replacement screens, I can supply you with solar and bugs.

Multi-family apartment solar screen production versus Residential.

Making solar screens for multi-family communities generally involves making only a handful of different sizes.  When you make solar screens for houses (residential), your screens vary in size greatly.  In a residential project, if you have 30 screens, there will for sure be at least 12 different sizes.  For multi family properties, you can have 1,000 screens with only 5 to 10 different sizes.

For assembly (production), it is one thing to pump out the same sized solar window sun shades over and over. And, an entirely different thing to slowly manufacturer sunscreens of varying sizes like we do for residential projects.

For example, manufacturing 400 screens of the same size, involves cutting the framing identical in size, which is fast.  Fast compared to cutting framing for different sizes of screens.  Where you cut frame for one screen then something different the next.  Varying sizes IS VERY time consuming to run through production, thus has a higher production cost.

Another example is rolling the fabric, rolling the shade fabric into the screen framing.  When we roll the fabric, each assembly has to be blocked off on the rolling table.  When you block off a screen, you use slide locks to hold the framing in place.  We do this to keep the frame straight so that it does not bow or bend.  This is a critical manufacturing step.  It takes considerable time to block off each screen.  If we build a large number of the same screen, it’s a lot easier because we do this one time.  As each assembly is of the same size.  Not with residential assemblies, as there will then be many different assembly sizes.

Black 90% fabric with silver framed multifamily solar screens San Antonio Texas sun shade screen August 2018 job.

For San Antonio apartment projects, all of the buildings are at the same address.  This is a HUGE factor when considering pricing for multi-family apartment solar screens projects.

We can work at a San Antonio TX multifamily property and put up 1,000 screens within 2-4 days. Putting up 1,000 at the same address is entirely different than driving from one home to another. Because we are eliminating drive time from one house to the next.  And, we are eliminating the prep and unloading time for each house.  Not having to figure out where the screens go, what densities, and what sizes.  What windows get what screens.  This all takes time.

Then figuring out how each screen will mount to each varying type of window, all equates to time.   Then when you are through, you have to load up and drive to the next house.

With a San Antonio TX apartment project, we can blast from building to the next.  We can put our sun shade screens on extremely fast and efficiently.

Because of all these reasons, when asked how much do solar screens cost, the answer varies drastically from home (residential) installations to large multi-family projects.

How well will our tenants be able to see out of these solar shades?

If you have never used solar sun shades and worry about visibility, no need.  Take a look at this page where we illustrate how well you can see through our solar shade fabric.


The picture above was taken from within the clubhouse of a multi-family property. This is a great picture as it shows the different shading levels. And the picture also illustrates very well outward visibility. By looking at the floor you will see 0% shade. 0% shade is a window that doesn’t have a solar shade on it. Then you will see a 100% shade which is illustrated by a wall providing 100% shade. And then you will see where my solar shade screen is providing 90% shade.

People quite often think the 90% shade is about the same as a 100% shade. And one would think that common sense would reinforce that. But by looking at this picture, you will see that there is a drastic difference. A drastic difference between a hundred percent shade and 90% shade. 90% shade is light filtering. 90% shade does not cut out all of the light like 100% shade. Using our 90% solar shade screens will not make your room’s super dark. Yes, it will make them a little bit darker, but it will not make them feel like a cave.  Then again, this is all subjective.  Subjective to the person living there.

Replacing blinds in units with Roll UP Shades.

In addition to apartment solar screens, we also manufacture roll-up shades. 

We provide total room darkening roller shades and light filtering roller shades.

Showing a multi-family sliding glass door shaded from the inside with one of our roll up shades.
Showing a multi-family sliding glass door shaded from the inside with one of our roll up shades.

The roller shade shown here in this picture is a 99% light filtering solar roller shade. This allows visibility Inward and outward through the shade. For total privacy protection, you would need a room darkening window shade. Or often referred to as blackout shades. A room darkening or blackout shade does not allow anyone to see through it. And it gives you 100% shade.

For an office window roller shade, we commonly use our light filtering 97% fabric. However, for multi-family, we commonly use our room darkening 100% fabric.

As well as solar screens for windows, I also install bug screens for windows. So, if you need just basic insect bug screens for your apartment windows, I can take of that as well.