Solar Screens for Windows Round Rock TX Texas installation services

I would say that I have easily shaded over 800+ homes in the Round Rock area with my solar screens. All are similarly done in the same exceptional way. The way. That is the right way, the only way I know-how. Solar window screens, all installed by me, Josh Hobbs. With my own two hands.

You don’t have to take my word for my exceptional work, you can read what 100’s of others have had to say under my Customer Feedback/Reviews page

Here is an example of just one of the Round Rock Solar Screen projects that I have completed.

Scope of work for this Round Rock TX solar screens installation.

I installed 32 solar window screens on this Round Rock home for $1771. That is, I shaded every window on this home for only $1771. Some windows I used the 80% shade fabric for, and for the rest, I used the 90% shade fabric.

The three windows over the garage received the 90% shade screens. The rest of the windows for the front of this solar window screens Round Rock TX home received the 80%.

80% vs 90% shade screen fabric

Visit this section of my website. This section for a clear understanding. A clear comparison of 80% solar shade fabric versus 90%. This section of my website will explain the differences. In order to know the difference. To know what windows to use what shade density of sun control fabric for. And of course. When I, Josh Hobbs, see the home. I will make shade density recommendations for you. And, with attention to the color scheme of your home. By seeing the exterior, I will also make fabric and frame color recommendations. All of this I will leave behind. Behind on my “we were here” sheet. To include frame and fabric samples. Samples of each. In 80% and 90%. Fabric swatches and frame swatches.

Some windows have window track and others do not.

Most all the opening windows for this home. For this Round Rock TX solar screen installation have tracks. Not all opening windows for all homes do. Let me clear. But “yes”, for the opening windows of this home. Wherever there is a window that opens for this home. There should be a track at the top and bottom. Except for instance this rare window. As can be seen below. Similarly, this window opens and has a bottom track. Therefore you would think it has an upper track. And yet it does not. To clarify, it is an opening window without an upper track. A rare site. What I did for this window was that I used my metal turn clips. So that I could emulate an upper track. Two of these metal turn clips were used. Holds perfectly! And, looks good.

See how here I used turn clips at the top to replicate an upper track. In similar fashion to what I did for this Buda Texas solar shade screens installation.

In addition to using the metal turn clips to create an upper track. At the same time, I likewise positioned two more at the center of the window. Similarly used to hold the screen against the window. To that end, these Round Rock solar screens will stay attached to the window. Stay attached especially well. Even through storms. But, they can be damaged by very strong storms. Just like your fence and trees. Or roofing. Strong storms can be very damaging.

I do not JUST do quality work like this for residential solar screens Round Rock Texas projects. I, in the same way. Also, do the same quality of work for multi-family San Antonio TX solar screen projects. Likewise, you can always count on my best.

Right side of this solar screens for Round Rock TX home.

This is the right side of this Round Rock home. This side received our 80% shade fabric sun control window screens. The homeowner had a shade screen made for each and every window. To the end that the homeowner wanted his entire home shaded.

Choosing your Vendor

“While it may be true that you have a wide choice for vendors out there. For the best priced and valued Round Rock TX solar screens company. I undeniably encourage you to look no further. Comparatively, my experience is hard to match. If at all possible. All in all, there are installers out there. Installers that have been around for as long as me. By comparison, however, they haven’t come close to my volume. To doing as many actual installations as I PERSONALLY have. In Round Rock Texas alone over the past 11 years. I would say that I personally have done over 800+ installations. That is an extraordinary number. A huge number for just Round Rock TX. In summary, I have a lot of solar screen experience.”

12/26/18 ~ Josh Hobbs

Back side of this Round Rock TX solar window screen home.

Here we used the 80% fabric for all the windows. We built and installed a total of eleven solar window screens. However, the homeowner did not choose to shade the small first-floor non-opening windows. As a result, you see that shiny glass for those two non-shaded windows. Nevertheless, they did have me put a solar screen on their back patio door.

Back of Round Rock Home with eleven solar screens.  Made out for 80% solar window screen fabric.

The homeowner spoke to us about shading his upcoming patio structure with some of our outdoor sun shades. Similarly to what I did for this Cedar park solar shades screens home. This homeowner told us that he will be building an enclosed porch. Next, then at some point, he will want our outdoor blinds for their porch to give them shade. Our outdoor porch blinds that roll up and down for temporary shade. You operate our outdoor porch shades by a stainless steel pull chain. To put it another way, you pull the shade up and then down. We can manufacture this type of porch blind to match his solar window screens. We can make them out of the same solar screen fabric we manufacture our Round rock solar screens out of. In short, this ensures a seamless look for the home.

90% Solar screens for the left side of this Round rock Texas home.

We do not recommend wrapping a home with the 90% solar screen fabric. Instead, we recommend to only use the 90% fabric on extremely problematic windows. Windows that get more than four hours of sun. Of our hot & brutal Texas afternoon sun.

This home received the 90% sun shade fabric on the left side of their home. It’s this left side that faces West. That gets the hot afternoon sun.

Round Rock TX Solar Screens left side of home. Two 90% shade density solar window screens.

Question: A question I quite often get is “how well can I see through the solar shade fabric“.
& Answer: So well, it is shocking. That is the plain and simple answer. To the end that if a homeowner is looking at solar screens versus window tint. There is literally no comparison.

  • A+ because of the even weave of my fabric. The outward visibility through my solar screens is outstanding.
  • Not to mention you get great daytime privacy. Not good evening privacy, however.
  • Further, the solar screens by far outperform window film. There’s literally no comparison. Shading a window from the outside is by far superior. Superior to using film on the inside. When shading from the outside. You are providing shade for the glass. By providing shade for the glass. You are keeping the glass from getting hot. When glass heats-up, that warmth radiates into the home.
What it looks like through 80% & 90% solar screens.
Looking out a 90% and 80% solar screen as a comparison.

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Black interior commercial solar shades

How do you shade an office?
You shade an office with external solar windows screens or interior window office coverings. The interior window coverings will only keep the sun from getting into the office. Will not keep the glass from getting hot from the sun, that’s what the external office solar window screens are for.

Visibility at night looking through solar screen fabric

For our solar window screens, we have two levels of shade density, the 80% and the 90%. Here within this picture, we show the 80% solar shade fabric to the left and the 90% to the right. Visit what to expect for our privacy at night and evenings with our solar screens writing here.

Difference between 80% and 90% Solar Window Screen shade levels

Do solar screens really save money?
Solar screens are immensely effective at what they do, they provide an enormous amount of shade for your home’s windows, thus resulting in cooler room temperatures.