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Truck loaded with solar screens from apartment install.

How much do solar screens cost? Is there an average price per solar window screen? Can I get a ballpark cost for the installation?

How much do solar screens cost from JoshHobbs.com Solar Screen Services?

Solar Screens can be made to fit any shape or size of windows. Regardless of whether you have hexagon shaped, trapezoid shaped or just rectangular shaped windows. See here for my non-rectangular upgrade costs. We can make a solar screen to fit over the sizes of any of those shapes. The solar screens cost for these shapes varies. Our pricing is done by the width and height in inches added together and for any windows that are not rectangular in shape, like arched, hexagon, oval and so forth, they each have additional add on costs. These are those add on costs. Posted here is an understanding of how my quantity discounted pricing works.

Upgrade pricing for non-rectangular shaped solar screens
This is the additional cost to convert a rectangular screen into one of these shapes.

Installed costs are based on quantity, the more windows you want covered the deeper the installed discounts become.

For example, the installed discounted costs for

  • Ten 35×60 solar screens is priced at $59ea / installed.
  • Fifteen 35×60 solar screens is priced at $56ea / installed.
  • Twenty 35×60 solar screens is priced at $56ea / installed.
  • Twenty Five 35×60 solar screens is priced at $52ea / installed.

Click here to be taken to our installed solar screen cost page to see what your installed cost for solar window screens would be

For example the self-installed pickup cost for

  • Ten 35×60 solar screens is priced at $40ea / DIY Self install Cost.
  • Fifteen 35×60 solar screens is priced at $37.50ea / DIY Self install Cost.
  • Twenty 35×60 solar screens is priced at $36ea / DIY Self install Cost.
  • Twenty Five 35×60 solar screens is priced at $36ea / DIY Self install Cost.

To see what self-installed solar screen costs are like visit my DIY screen store. If you want to buy solar screens or any other screens, click here to be taken to our Screen Store.

Apartment MultiFamily solar window screens, 90% shade level
2021 Rutland drive, Austin TX multi-family 90% shade level solar window screen installation.
Pricing for Multifamily Texas apartment solar screen installations.  In Central Texas I likewise install solar window screens on ENTIRE apartment complexes.  Not individual apartment units.
San Antonio multi-family apartment solar window screen installation.

How much do solar screens cost on average?

Austin is a very competitive area to compare solar screen costs, installed pricing for our area is very competitive versus nationally. As an illustration, here in Austin, our installed solar screen costs are very reasonable. If you are outside of the area, expect your installed solar screen costs to be higher than our published pricing unless you are in a competitive area yourself like Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and Arizona.

In the Austin area, we have flat-rate pricing that we offer for our solar screen installations that are within our service area, then we have additional nominal costs to service areas outside of our service area. Click here to see what our service area is and to see what those additional service area costs are.

For Example: If your home is in Liberty Hill, my additional cost for that area is $150.

85" Tall interior commercial roller shade pricing
On my website, I openly publish my installed Austin TX commercial window covering pricing.
Austin TX Outdoor solar shade pricing.
I openly publish my outdoor patio shade pricing on my website. Outdoor patio blinds are the answer to getting shade from the sun for your patio. The question is do you want budget-priced manual patio roller shades or motorized roller shades?

Pricing of Window Tint vs Solar Window Screens.

Comparatively, if you are considering window film or tint over solar screens, don’t give that a 2nd thought. You can’t compare these two shading products, they are not remotely equally matched. Window tint is an internal shading device, while solar screens are an external and internal shading device. Solar screens shade from the outside, they shade the windows AND the inside. Window tint simply attaches to the inside of the glass only giving you interior shade. Film does not help with the heat transfer from hot windows.

Servicing areas outside of Austin.

Because we openly publish our solar screens cost, we have to have service area boundaries. In summary, I can’t have one flat rate solar screens cost for all the outlying areas. Ultimately, if I were to bid on each project, my additional travel cost would then be embedded in the cost. Within the estimate of the solar screens, I gave you as a bid. You then wouldn’t know there was an additional cost to service these outlining areas. I bring this up because people sometimes feel offended that live in these outlying service areas. They don’t undertand that the cost for their project costs more than it does for the immediate Austin service area.  

For Austin TX commercial solar window screen pricing. 

I also shade commercial windows with my solar screens.

I can shade your commercial building with either my 80% or 90% solar shade screens.
Austin Texas commercial solar window screen services
From my website JoshHobbs.com you can quickly get pricing for your Austin Texas commercial solar window screen project.

We travel routes on specific days. We routinely service areas of Austin on specific days. Generally for those days, we pack many stops into that route. Therefore to deviate from that route. To drive out to areas outside of our route takes time to get to and from that stop. For this reason, this makes it harder to have enough time to do the jobs that are on our route.

My Austin TX residential solar screen pricing is very competitive.

Each customer’s job takes two trips, in effect one to measure and a second to install the screens. So that additional cost for your area covers both of those trips.

Window screens for flying bugs.
Get installed NEW Austin Texas replacement bug screens for windows from JoshHobbs.
Replacement window screen pricing.

If you are just needing basic window screens, I can install those for you as well. Or you can get bug screens for self-installation.

On my website, I openly publish my basic window screen pricing.
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